Ah New Game, in the Summer of 2016 I fell in love with you on Crunchyroll. The chock full of moe girls, slice-of-life video game developer anime was adorable and satisfying for fans of that sort of thing. We met Aoba Suzukaze, 18 year-old recent high school grad who is starting her first day at Eagle Jump! the company that made her absolute favorite game series, Fairies Story. She meets her adorable coworkers and works hard and has a good time.  The show was a hit, and Season 2 and an OVA appeared shortly after.

The manga series is ongoing, and is up to volume 5 so far in the English-language releases. I saw Volume 5 at my local bookstore recently but got volume 1 of the series to refresh my memory before reading the story. It is a fun 4-panel comic story with  lovely full color first few pages. The story is funny, cute, and not too serious. You will root for Aoba as she accomplishes her work goals and becomes a character artist. There is definitely fan service in the book and possibly yuri undertones. There are all types of girls personality and looks wise working for the company, so it will be easy for the reader to find a favorite. Mine is the obvious cutie Hifumi but everyone is appealing. 

If you have seen the anime, I might not necessarily recommend this manga because the adaptation is very faithful and even gives more story to some scenes. But I will be buying Volume 5, which is a prequel story of Aoba in art club that has not been adapted for the anime yet.