I have seen this manga by Keiko Iwashita floating around Instagram recently and readers being pretty enthusiastic about it so decided to check out the first volume on Google Play last night. And well, I ended up reading to volume 3 before getting to sleep.

The story revolves  around Miko, a 17 year old highschooler whose circumstances are such that she needs to live in a boarding house run by her uncle full of interesting 20-somethings. It reminds me of the show Terrace House if it was told from the point of view of the m cute youngest character. It is a pretty light read but different from some other fluffy romance in that the male love interest is a grumpy older male 10 years Mika’s senior as opposed to the usual perfect highschool prince, sadist punk, or shy boy who really excels at something like piano or soccer. 

I am not a fan of age gap relationships when one of the people is underage so I wasn’t sure I would like this story. But Matsunaga-san is aware that she is younger and is not trying to seduce the main character so I am liking seeing her being cute and crushing on him.

Another detail in this manga that I really love is Matsunaga-san tends to wear message t-shirts and underwear that always magically comment on the situation happening. It’s sometimes pretty funny.

I would recommend this manga for shoujo romance and Terrace House fans and will be checking out the rest of the story.