I am trying out a manga subscription box, Manga Spice Cafe, that sends a monthly box of themed manga and snacks. This month, the theme was mystery and this manga, Go With the Clouds, North-by-Northwest, was one of the titles. I hadn’t heard of it before but decided to bring it along on an appointment today.

Immediately, the cover is eye-catching with the paper quality and eye-catching illustrations. The back cover is a particularly interesting one with illustrations of common camping items labeled with their words in Icelandic. The author, Aki Irie, started this new series when she finished writing the popular¬†Ran and the Grey World. In the author’s afterword she explained that she took the chance after that series to travel the world a bit and the place she enjoyed the most was Iceland.

The story is about Kei Miyama, a Japanese teenager who is staying with his grandfather and works as a investigator for pocket money and to fight boredom. The scenery is interesting and the details of him preparing coffee and food alongside the story text are delightful touches. He is as precocious as a 17-year-old detective should be, but not in a cloying, boy genius way. The story continues with Kei needing to do a personal investigation. 

So far, the series is off to a great start and I would recommend this to fans of the mystery genre or those who like modern, real-life, foreign settings (assuming the reader is not from Iceland).