Hello, thanks for checking out The Manga Mama. My name is Tina, I am a long-time manga fan on the search for new things to read. I started out loving shoujo manga but as a 30+ year old I am less interested in reading the high school romance stories that are perennially popular. I will be featuring new series with older characters but also catch up on some older manga that I wasn’t able to read the first time around.  I would love recommendations of what to review. Also, for maximum enjoyment I will try to post spoiler free reviews.

The reason why I started this blog is to show that there is an audience for stories centered around characters who are not in high school. Traditional media realizes this and there are plenty of movies and books about people in all sorts of stages in life. I feel that manga and anime has a generation of fans growing older that would like to see themselves reflected. But bearing in mind that we have read plenty of weird manga growing up and might still love cat girls and crazy premises. Who’s with me?