Go with the clouds, North-by-Northwest, 1

I am trying out a manga subscription box, Manga Spice Cafe, that sends a monthly box of themed manga and snacks. This month, the theme was mystery and this manga, Go With the Clouds, North-by-Northwest, was one of the titles. I hadn’t heard of it before but decided to bring it along on an appointment […]

New Game! Volume 1

Ah New Game, in the Summer of 2016 I fell in love with you on Crunchyroll. The chock full of moe girls, slice-of-life video game developer anime was adorable and satisfying for fans of that sort of thing. We met Aoba Suzukaze, 18 year-old recent high school grad who is starting her first day at […]

Living Room Matsunaga-san Volume 1 cover

Living-Room Matsunaga-san Vol. 1-3

I have seen this manga by Keiko Iwashita floating around Instagram recently and readers being pretty enthusiastic about it so decided to check out the first volume on Google Play last night. And well, I ended up reading to volume 3 before getting to sleep. The story revolvesĀ  around Miko, a 17 year old highschooler […]